Sunday, December 3, 2017

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

It's our family tradition every year to find our Christmas tree and cut it down. It's something that we've always done, and the boys love finding the perfect tree. Of course, they wanted one taller than our ceilings, but I think we found a good compromise. 

We tried a new Christmas tree farm this year, and the boys loved riding on the hayride to go back to the trees!

here we go on our hunt!

B and Pops 

we found our tree!

obligatory family picture in front of our tree

Daddy started us off with the saw and made the first cuts 

F was next to cut!

S took his turn!

B finished out the boys

Momma took a turn,and then Daddy finished it off 

pretending to ride in the sleigh 

YaYa and Pops and all the grands 
Our tree is in the house and the boys enjoyed putting their ornaments on it. Unfortunately, I've had multiple strands of lights go out at different times, so that part is still a work in progress ha.


the fan club at soccer this season!

so cute dressed for church a few weeks ago 
The boys had a blast playing soccer this year. We celebrated their season with a pizza party at church a few weeks ago. They were thrilled to get their trophies!

we had a visitor in our front yard! The boys loved watching this buck wander around. 

dressed up for Tie day at school

we had family pictures made and this is the one we used for our Christmas card. 

poor S has developed a fear of monsters (we have no idea where from), so Momma made him some monster spray. It seems to be working so far!
Thanksgiving was a big celebration! We had over 60 people gather at my grandparent's house to celebrate!

trying lots of new foods!

so so thankful for my boys!

our big group!
B loves Memaw and Pepaw. He loves to climb in their laps and read. I treasure these memories so much!

October Fun

We did a lot during the month of October! Pumpkin patch visits, carving pumpkins, and Halloween fun with family!

napping on the way to get the boys from school 
We made a trip to Cedar Hill Farms in Hernando to pick pumpkins, go through a corn maze, pet some animals, and play on their fun playground. The boys had so much fun! 

He was so proud of his pumpkin 

my sweet oldest 

Pumpkin carving time! The boys were excited to carve their pumpkins, but not so excited to scoop out all the guts-ha. Momma and Daddy had to do most of the hard work.

S was most into digging out the seeds 

drawing his face 

always being silly 

the finished product!

they turned out great!
Halloween was fun! We dressed up and went to trunk or treat at church. The boys had a blast, of course.

a shark, a llama, and a lion 

trying to get a picture of all the cousins together ha 

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in October. To celebrate, we left the boys for the very first time and traveled across the country! We explored Utah (Mt. Zion National Park), rode through sand dunes, did a lot of hiking, rafted down the Colorado River, and visited the Grand Canyon. The boys didn't even miss you, which I am so thankful for, and we had a blast! Thankful to do life with my husband!

one last picture before we leave!

on the plane!

we did a lot of hiking. Everything was so beautiful. 

Our ATV ride was a little bit dusty ha 

Exploring in Mt. Zion 

The Grand Canyon was amazing! And freezing. But mostly amazing. 

Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday night. The boy shave been looking forward to it, and we can't wait to carve our pumpkins that they picked out! They picked out some good ones, and we had a great time!

being silly

he picked a good one!

I love these boys of mine!

sweet Brother