Monday, April 30, 2012

Balloons and Outside Fun

Oh, to be so easily entertained! :) Fisher has one of those big balloons/balls that you can bounce around on a string. He loves that thing!

We also enjoyed some time outside this week.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Such a Boy!

Fisher is ALL boy! We were at Yaya's on Tuesday, and he was plating outside. Mom started watering her flowers and Fisher was so excited! He chased the water stream and sat under it. Then, he decided to sit in the flower bed and play with wood chips. He only tried to eat one or two. :)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brush 'Em, Brush 'Em, Brush 'Em!

We finally started brushing Fisher's teeth this week! Ssshhh, don't tell the dentist we waited until he had 8 teeth to start brushing. whoops...

Needless to say, Fisher HATES having his teeth brushed! He cries and acts like he's being tortured! It's quite pitiful, but I persist and put him through torture twice a day. Mean mommy right here!

the players...

He doesn't know what's coming

uuuummm, what's this thing?

ok I'll bite and see what this is all about

deciding he doesn't like it :)

no more!

the pitiful face of a poor, tortured little boy

Yay! I have clean teeth!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Dumping

Some cute pictures of my sweet boy from the past week...

Playing outside:

Taking a nap:

All ready for bed in his new pjs from Yaya:


Contained while Momma makes dinner:

Ready to go run errands with Daddy:

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fisher is 10 Months Old!

*Fisher weighs around 19 lbs.

*He wears cloth diapers and 3-6 (only Carters brand) or 6-9/6-12 month outfits, depending on the brand.

*He is crawling! Fisher is in to EVERYTHING!! His favorite things to play with are the dog bowls, all cords and outlets, and picture frames that are lower to the ground. Fisher  has two different ways of crawling-on carpet/soft surfaces, he'll crawl "correctly" (both knees); on harder surfaces, he does a "broken leg" crawl. He will also pull up to his knees, and pulled up to standing once last week.


* He is not enjoying eating as much as he has been. He still nurses quite frequently, so he's not so inclined to eat real foods as often. He does still enjoy avocado a lot. Yogurt is his newest favorite thing.

*He still loves to be outside. We go on wagon rides or I push him in the jogging stroller most days.

*He's sleeping in his bed every night. He still flips and flops all over the bed. When he wakes up in the morning, he will sit up in his crib and clap. It is so cute to watch on the baby monitor. :) Since he's started getting up on his knees, his mattress has been lowered.

*Breastfeeding about every 3 hours (when he takes a bottle, it's usually 6-9 ounces).  He's back to waking up 2-3 times a night, but still sleeping until around 9 most mornings.

*He's talking! He says "DaDa" and "MaMa". DaDa is still his main word. Nellie heard him say "bath" once, but he refuses to repeat it.

* He loves to clap and pay Patty Cake. He will lift up his arms if he wants to be picked up. He is also giving a hi five and is almost waving. He will put his hands out, palms up, and "wave" to himself or the dogs.

*He loves to play in the floor with his toys. His favorite toy at home is his ring stacker. His favorite toy at his Yaya's is a red plastic spoon. His other favorite "toy" is the dogs. He is always looking at them wanting to see what they're doing and where they are. This is not fun at mealtimes when I'm trying to get him to eat, but is really cute the rest of the time. Lenny still only tolerates him, but Duchess loves Fisher! She will try to lick his face (so gross. We try to avoid that!), and is so good about letting him grab her tail and ears.

*He is giving "kisses" now. He gives great big open mouth slobbery kisses. He'll sometimes do it when you ask him to, but mostly it's just because he feels like it. :)

*He is very attached to his lovie (the giraffe in the pictures above). He drapes it over his face when he sleeps, chews on its head, and talks to it. He now wants to have it when he's not in his crib. We now have two more lovies-one stays at Yaya's and one is for the car. :)

*He is still very much into sucking his thumb. When he's tires, he sucks his left thumb and rubs his face with his lovie in his right hand.

*Loves bath time and loves to kick and splash. He also loves taking a shower now, too.

* He has eight teeth! He has four on the bottom and four on the top.

*Nicknames: Budders, Fish, Fisher-man, Fishy, Tooters, Bubs, Bubba (I have no idea where this came from. It just slips out sometimes!).

Happy 10 months Fisher!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey Slick

All fresh from his bath :)

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Good Eatin!

Last night we had corn on the cob with our dinner. I gave Fisher my cob when I was finished with it and he went to town! That boy loved gnawing on the cob!!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a little bit unconventional for our family. I worked all night, and met Nellie and Fisher for the 8 am service at church. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for being willing to come to the early service for me! :) Fisher came in his pjs and I got to put his Easter outfit on. We didn't get a family picture, and didn't get a picture of Fisher in his outfit, but that's ok. We were able to worship together as a family, and celebrate the true meaning of Easter!

Mommy and Fisher after church. Mommy is ready for her nap before going back to work!

love this sweet boy, even when he doesn't want to take a picture :)

Yaya, Pops, and their boys

he loves to swing

so ready for his nap, but he had to see what the Easter bunny brought him first!

some goodies from Gama

the Easter bunny went a little overboard. whoops

go figure. his favorite thing was the cheapest thing the bunny brought!

thanks Easter bunny!!