Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Last Few Weeks

so proud of himself learning to sit up on his knees!

swinging one day a few weeks ago, he's getting so big!

my Mother's Day picture with all my boys. I had worked the night before and had to go back to work, so this is prior to me laying down for my nap. My boys were so excited to meet me at the door with the pictures they had drawn me. They wished me "Happy Mother's Day" several times that day and throughout the next week. I am so thankful to be their momma!

cousins having fun and getting into everything

playing at Jump N Jamz

he's almost 5, y'all. It kills me. 

scooted himself backwards and he wasn't too happy about where he ended up . 

perfecting the plank. he's so close to crawling! and I am so not ready...

Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo a few weeks ago, along with what felt like half the city! They just opened the new Zambezi River exhibit, so we renewed our membership and made a day of it. Although it was crowded, we zoomed through the zoo at warp speed thanks to some 3 and 4 years olds  that cam with us. We had a lot of fun and loved the new exhibit!

trapped in the stroller

petting the sheep 

obligatory egg picture

he wanted me to carry him, and actually agreed to let me wear him in the carrier. This hasn't happened in months, and only lasted for about 10 minutes, but I think we both enjoyed it!

looking at the animals 

our attempt at a group picture

playing the drums!

love them!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Baker is Eight Months Old!

* Baker weighs about 17 lbs.
* He wears size 6-9 month clothes, and he wears size small cloth diapers and size 3/4 disposable diapers. 
*We're still working on getting him to sleep better. Slowly but surely we're working on getting him to sleep better. He will now take a nap in his pack and play (sometimes), instead of having to sleep on me! He now wakes up 1-4 times a night. 
* He's a great nurser and he loves it!
*He's taking a bottle like a champ now! He'll take anywhere from 4-7 ounces at a time while I'm gone. He does start crying and fussing as soon as he sees me when I come home, though. 
*His eyes go back and forth from being blue/gray to more of a green/hazel. 
*He's our little ginger, which I just love! My strawberry blond baby. 
*Food:his current favorite seems to be bananas. He also likes green smoothies, spaghetti, and most everything else. He doesn't eat a ton, but he likes what he eats!
 *He's a master at sitting up unassisted! He has started doing some lunging towards things, so crawling might not be too far off. 
*He has 3 teeth! His bottom two and one on the top. He has three more coming in. 
*He loves to play with any toys that the bigger boys bring him.
*He says "mama" and "dada", although "dada" does not get said nearly as often.
*He is ticklish! He laughs so hard when I tickle him! I love seeing the dimple on his cheek pop out when he is smiling big.
*He is so rotten! He loves to be held and lets you know (very loudly) that he doesn't like it when he gets put down. 
*He loves bath time! He loves to kick and splash.
* The older boys are still madly in love with him! They are always kissing on him and petting him. They want to sit right beside him all the time. it's so very sweet. 
* Nicknames: Baker Baby, Bubby, Baby

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Outside Fun Last Week

We've really tried to enjoy our outdoor time the last few weeks. The boys hate being cooped up inside when it rains, and so do I!! We've had lots of fun playing in the dirt, mud, and exploring!

They all played with a worm last week. Poor worm. 

Mud bath last week. I found mud for days in lots of interesting places. 


trying corn for the first time

I think he liked his corn!

Picking out the perfect clown cone for their ice cream treat after dinner last week

Being goofy

They're obsessed with worms right now. And head safety, of course. 

Mud bath, day 2. I made them put their hair up in a ponytail this time!

Fisher directed my drawing of our family. He picked out everyone's colors and what they were wearing.

Just add 10+ years and this will be my life all the time. 

The boys love swinging on their new swing at YaYa and Pops' house. Baker has taken a nap on it a time or two already.

I attempted to get a picture before we took Fisher to MDO this week. I don't even know why I try sometimes! And the youngest already has both fingers up his nose-he learns early!