Monday, October 31, 2016

First Lost Tooth!

Big event happened in the Nelson house this past weekend-Fisher lost his first tooth! The dentist told us in August that it was loose, so we've been on "tooth watch" for the past few months. A few weeks ago, F woke up at 0545 to tell us that his tooth was loose! I'll admit it, I cried. 

We've paid very close attention to it since then, and it was finally ready to come out on Friday. We tried the whole dental floss around the tooth and slam the door, but the floss kept slipping off his little tooth. Finally, I grabbed it with some toilet paper and yanked it out! F was a trooper, and barely even fussed! We celebrated the momentous occasion with pizza and ice cream. 

The Tooth Fairy didn't come visit on Friday night, only because the tooth has to travel to school first so F can get in the treasure box for losing a tooth, so I think she'll be able to come on Monday night. He's very excited! I love this snaggle tooth little boy!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Birthday parties, Pumpkins, and Outside Fun

We've so enjoyed the last couple of weeks! The boys have loved this surprise fall weather and I'm going to be really sad when we're cooped up inside all winter. 

Just because it's funny-Fisher's tattletale note on Asher. What he failed to mention is that he hit Asher first. F was quite insistent that he write Jamie a note so she knew what Asher did to him ha
Asher turned 5 in mid October! We celebrated with an alligator party and a bounce house. 

Aunt Jodie is awesome! She made this out of cupcakes!

the three amigos
Some pictures of the fun we've been having outside lately. The boys are enjoying having picnics in their play house.

messy eater

My dinner helper last week. He helped me make homemade macaroni and then refused to even try it. sigh.

Annual pumpkin patch picture with YaYa. The outtakes were hilarious-it's hard getting 5 boys five and under to all cooperate at the same time!

Open house at preschool was this past week. The boys loved showing me their rooms and art work that they've been working on lately.

More outside fun! This boy loves dirt!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Fun

Playing catchup once again! Here are some pictures from life over the past few weeks. 

we love taking car ride selfies!

hat day at school!

we you match your cousin and aren't happy about it! 

just a little boy playin in the dirt

I made a bean sensory bin. The boys love it! Well, the older two love playing in it, and Baker loves eating the beans. Can anything happen if one consumes a multiptude of uncooked pinto beans?!
We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this week!

attempt #12698536 at a decent picture. sigh. at least they're cute, even when they can't all look the same direction at the same time. 

happy anniversary to us! 9 years!

he quickly realized that didn't taste very good

a painful cheese from a boy who was tired of taking pictures and just wanted to play in the dirt 

same emotion here as his brother

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Playtime, Pumpkins, and Parties

Like what I did with my alliteration? Here's some pictures from the past few weeks!

I was trying to get ready and the boys all decided they needed to be in the bathroom with me. Good thing there's plenty of room!

We decorated pumpkins last week. The boys loved gluing tissue paper on them!

He loves wearing bicycle helmets!

picture before school last week 

Daddy recently taught him the "rock and roll" sign, so now F loves to pose like this!

our new climbing dome! It was an early Christmas present from Gama and the boys love it!

it's really dark, but S is napping right up against me. 

I guess he wasn't ready to get up yet 

nursing school buddies!!

Emily (in the plaid) is one of my good friends from nursing school that is moving to D.C. We had her goodbye dinner last week. Love these people!

So proud of my sweet boy for having a great week at school! He's been struggling, but this week was a victory for us!