Wednesday, January 30, 2013

18 Month Check-Up

I found these pictures from Fishy's 18 month check up that he had in December, and realized that I had forgotten to post them. So, just for your viewing pleasure...

not happy about being weighed

favorite face.ever.

still upset even though Mommy was holding him :(

all better now!

"hi Mommy!"

Zoo Trip!

Thanks to all this wonderful (weird) January weather we've been having, Fishy and I had a zoo trip this week with YaYa, Jamie, and Asher. We had a great time! The only thing better would have been if Daddy was able to come with us.
riding in the wagon

looking at the big cat

pointing at the "li" (lion)

look, it's roaring! actually, it was throwing up. how many people can say they've seen a lion barf? I can!

see? vomit on the rocks.

we had to stop and look at all the construction equipment

watching the cow

petting the horse

ooooh, a dump truck!

watching the panda eat bamboo

running off some of their energy

climbing up to see the zebras

YaYa giving some little legs a break from walking

watching the grizzly bear dive for pineapple
We had a great time at the zoo-wonderful weather, the animals were out, no one was there. It took me all day and night to recover from walking so much, though!! This preggo mama was tired after our trip! But, it was well worth it. The boys had so much fun! I can't wait to go back soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

We had a great Christmas Day, too! Fisher started it off right by sleeping in until after 10-thank you very much! That means that Daddy, who had to work the night before, got some good sleep before our day started. We celebrated Christmas at home with just the three of us, and then we ate lunch at my grandparents' before we headed to YaYa and Pop's house for Christmas with them!

Fisher's presents-a kitchen helper, books, puzzles, and toys! I immediately put several things up for later after he opened them-either they were too advanced (which I anticipated), and he got plenty of other new things to keep him occupied for a while!

his favorite thing? truck books with wheels from the dollar section at Target!

playing with his ramp racer

Daddy reading about trucks

he got a lot of books-my favorite!

slinky in the stocking was a big hit

trying out his kitchen helper

opening presents from Gama

he loves his Plan Toys tractor and trailor she got him!

family picture

my two favorite guys :)

Mommy and her best boy

at YaYa and Pop's house-look at how cute his saddle oxfords are!

wearing Daddy's headlamp and playing cars

they play so well together...sometimes

Daddy opening floormats for the car

wearing his new houseshoes from Aunt Jodie

having a "drink" from YaYa's new cup
the boys got motorized 4wheelers-they love them!

trying to figure it out

maybe I like Asher's better

Asher was so kind as to push Fishy :)

We had a wonderful Christmas season filled with laughter, family, friends, and many memories. I'm so thankful that we get to celebrate our Savior's birth with our loved ones! I am eagerly anticipating the next Christmas season with two kiddos!! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas! I had intended to do it much earlier, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures from my computer for some reason. Now that's fixed, so I can finally show how much fun we had at Christmas (since you've been dying to know!!). Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparents' house-I think we managed to squeeze 40ish people in their house! We always have so much fun! We ate a late lunch, then went to the candelight service at church, then it was back to the grandparents for dessert and presents. With all of the kids there opening gifts, it was an absolute madhouse! But, I wouldn't change a thing about it!

My sweet boy in his Christmas outfit.

Fisher and Asher LOVED Lucy, my cousin's dog. It's a good thing she likes kids, because they were wearing her out!

a typical view of their relationship-more like brothers than cousins :)

my favorite family

we tried to get a family picture...

passing out presents

it was madness!

helping Mommy open his present

what he did most of the night

sometimes you just need to sit in a box, right Asher?


It was a wonderful Christmas Eve filled with lots of memory making! Next up, Christmas Day!