Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No, I Haven't Forgotten About You

It's been a while, blog! We haven't been up to much lately, just trying to avoid going stir crazy inside while it's so cold! But here are some pictures for you, since I know you've been missing these sweet boys :)

Bath time fun

Just playing

Love his big eyes

Sweet smile

Playing the piano

Actually playing together

Eating some corn

Sleeping hard

Enjoying warmer weather

My latest sewing projects

Sleeping at YaYa's

Sleeping after lunch

Meeting sweet baby Alden

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sullivan is 10 Months Old!

* Sullivan weighs about 19 pounds.
* He wears size 6-9/6-12 month clothes, and he wears one-size cloth diapers (size 3/4 in disposables)
*He is crawling everywhere! He will either crawl in the traditional sense, or he will drag one leg behind him, just like Fisher did.
*He is pulling up and cruising around using whatever he can find to hold on to. He is also a climber-he treats me like a personal jungle gym.
*He is a paper magnet. He will find paper anywhere and immediately put it in his mouth.
 * He nurses every 2-3 hours. When he takes a bottle, he'll drink 5-6 ounces.
*He is a wonderful eater! His current favorites are cuties, cheese, and chicken spaghetti. He loves all fruits and veggies.
*He will occasionally drink water out of a sippy cup, but only if someone holds it up to his mouth. Otherwise, he just chews on it.
*He loves taking baths, the vacuum cleaner, balls, and anything he can chew on.
*He is definitely a momma's boy! He hates it when I leave the room, and he usually wants me over anyone else.
* Sleep: He is finally sleeping better!! He has slept through the night several times, and when he does wake up, it's 1-2 times a night. He is taking one cat nap in the morning, around 15 minutes, in order to get him to make it to nap time with Fisher. Then he will usually sleep 2-3 hours.
*He has eight teeth! Four on top and four on bottom.
*He smiles and talks all the time-he is the happiest baby! He loves to laugh and giggle.
*He is ticklish. Anytime I poke him in his armpits or on his tummy, he laughs.
*His eyes are constantly changing color-they will be blue/gray, then hazel depending on lighting and his outfit.
*He will say "dada" and "byebye". He also babbles and screeches all of the time.
*I've officially started planning his first birthday party. How did he get so old so fast?!
* He is loved by his big brother, and the feeling is mutual. Sullivan lights up and just grins when Fisher is around. They sit across from each other at the dinner table, and Sullivan is constantly smiling and talking to Fisher. The first thing Fisher does in the morning is run to Sullivan and give him a hug and a kiss.
* Nicknames: Sully, Brother, Bug, Brother Bear

More Zoo Light Pictures

We really enjoyed Zoo Lights. Fisher got to ride on a train for the first time, as well as the merry go round. He had a blast!

he couldn't even move, he was so bundled :)

my favorite lights

on the train!

riding on the carousel. Fisher picked out his ride-he said the bird was "Kevin" from the movie "Up" (his favorite)

walking with Pops

looking at the reindeer

playing on the giant animals in front of the zoo

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Day Pictures, Part 2

These are all pictures from YaYa and Pops' house.

so many presents!

Jacob modeling his new man bag for work :)

Brother got a Sophie

Showing YaYa the calendar we made her

he's so obsessed with monster trucks

showing off his new moccasins from Aunt Jodie

Brette with her present from Jamie and me

he needed to eat a few Cheerios

YaYa got the boys some "hearing protection". They know it's very important to have when you're on the tractor, etc, and they were so excited to get their own

Fisher and Asher got balance bikes! They were thrilled!

riding with YaYa

He loves his helmet. He really likes wearing it around the house :)