Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The blogging world...

I've decided to join the blogging world! I had originally planned to wait to start blogging until we decided to start a family, but why wait? I'm bored at work, so now seems like the perfect time!! I can't guarantee everything I (we) put on here will be interesting, or even that I will post a lot, but I'll try! And I think it should be fun!! What should I talk about first???

Ummm, we just bought our first house! Well, can you say you bought something without having started paying for it yet?? Anyways, we have signed a contract on it, and we close February 18th. We are sooo excited to finally put our money towards owning a home, not just renting one. The house is out in Oakland, which is a drive from just about everything-family, work, church, family. Can you tell I'm worried about being away from family??? :) It will take some adjusting, but we are thrilled to finally (well, almost) own our first home!!

What else...I guess I could talk about our family. I'm (JenaBeth) a nurse in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) at LeBonheur. I LOVE my job!!! I work nights. I'm also a full time student in the graduate program at the University of Memphis to be a nurse practitioner. I am always busy busy busy!! Nellie/Eric/whatever name you call him works nights out in the hub at FedEx. We have two dogs, Lenny and Duchess. They are fat and spoiled. :) We're not very interesting, I guess. We love to relax together, watch movies and tv, play with the girls (the dogs), go driving together, and do whatever else suits our fancy. That's it. Sorry if you were expecting more! :)

So, that's the end of my first post. Hope you weren't bored to tears, if you even read it anyways. Have a great week!!