Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back to School Date

I love shopping for school supplies. F got his list last week, and I decided that we could make a date of it, and go buy his supplies and get a special treat of his choosing. I'll do the same for S in a few weeks. 
Fisher wasn't excited about shopping for school supplies, but he was excited about picking something to eat ha. He chose both of our outfits for our date.

"Mommy, you can wear your duck hunting vest and you can sign up to go duck hunting with Pops"

silly faces 

He rode in the cart and had the very important job of crossing each item off our list.  

We got all his supplies!
I offered several suggestions for a special treat, but he chose pretzels from the food court at Target. He tried to tell me that we could get four of them and share, but instead we got two pretzels to share.
"Buddy, what are you most excited for in kindergarten?" "I'm excited that we get to go out on the playground first"

"Fisher, I sure am going to miss you when you're gone every day!" "But Mommy, I'll still be with you in your heart".Well, I hadn't cried about him going to kindergarten until that moments, so I started crying in the middle of Target. And I've cried multiple times since then.
I know that he's ready and will have a blast, but it's so hard to let go!

Hodge Podge Posting!

We've been cramming a lot into our last few weeks of summer! I can't believe it's almost time for school to start!

my handsome boys all ready for church 
We've gone swimming a lot this summer. The boys' skill level has really improved!

The boys got hair cuts last week! It was B's first haircut and he absolutely hated it! He was kicking and screaming-it was a hot mess, but we made it. F told me he wanted to shave his head like Daddy, but we compromised and he picked out a much shorter cut that wasn't a shaved head. He loves it and I love that he loves it, but I'll always mourn his long hair ha.
S volunteered to go first!

so grown up!

our before and after shots!
Sweet baby boy made his first trip to urgent care last Sunday. Daddy picked him up on Sunday and B dislocated his elbow (nursemaids elbow).Poor thing was screaming so badly-it woke me up when they came home. I got up and took him to urgent care, we got it fixed and had a popsicle, then I drove us back home so I could go back to sleep until I had to leave for work.
so pitiful 

all better!
We have another tooth gone! F has 4-5 loose teeth, and we've been waiting on his front top teeth to fall out for a few weeks. Then-surprise! He bit a lego one night and his bottom tooth fell out! We're still working on those top two teeth...

I told the older boys if they were quiet while I was putting B down for his nap, I would let them watch TV. They worked so hard on being quiet they fell asleep! And I enjoyed the quiet time all to myself...

F tried out karate! It was one of his birthday presents and we finally had a chance to go. He loved it and can't wait to go back.

poor buddy got stung by some yellow jackets (or yellow coats as he called them) on his hand and face.I felt so bad for him, but a little bit of lavender helped the stinging stop. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

B Loves Memaw and Pepaw

This trip was so special! Not only did my grandparents celebrate their 69 (!) wedding anniversary, but Baker was so sweet to my grandparents. He enjoys them anyways, but he decided while on this trip that they are his favorite people, especially Pepaw. B would walk around growling "Pepaw" in the cutest voice, and always wanted to be in his lap. It was so very sweet to watch! I'm thankful that we can have these special memories and pictures!

Beach Trip, Part 4

This is the end of all my beach pictures! We had such a great trip, and the boys were so sad to leave. 

YaYa and Pops and their grand boys 

Mama and my boys. See what I mean about having to just go tot wherever B is to get a picture?!

sleepy boy 

my family!

YaYa and Pops and all the grandbabies!

Beach Trip, Part 3

We love celebrating the Fourth of July at the beach! We grill out and we love to sit on the beach and watch fireworks. This year, poor B decided that he didn't like all the noise that came with the fireworks. I tried multiple times to take him outside, and he would just cry and say "side, side" (inside). He was pitiful! Daddy stayed outside with the big boys and then we switched so I got to see the fireworks, too. 

wearing an outfit I made for Fisher when he was this age. I need to get back into sewing...

B and Pops

F told me "I'm not smiling" because he wasn't happy about having to take a picture 

Happy Fourth from the Nelsons!

F loves babies! 
The boys spent a lot of time digging in the sand and finding shells!

enjoying a little hammock time 


Daddy has a picture like this with all three boys 

he wrote his name with the shovel 

more crab hunting!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beach Trip, Part 2

More pictures from pur wonderful week at the beach!

donuts for breakfast one morning!

his little grin melts me

playing a little ball after eating breakfast 

the boys love their cousin Kyle!

my boys! Our pictures these days usually involve following B around and posing around him. 

my favorite family!

practicing his surfing 

what happens when you make him take a picture 

practicing our paddleboarding!

napping so hard on the beach 

I can't even...he was so worn out!