Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Update 3

The post has pictures from the boys first Redbirds game, Mother's Day, and Muffins with Mom. 

We had a church wide night at the Redbirds game. The boys haven't been before, so we thought they would enjoy going. They had a lot of fun, but all the food was their favorite part-ha. 


You can tell this one was so sad about having to stay with YaYa and Pops all by himself
Mother's Day! I had to work, of course, but the boys made me lots of pictures and hung them by my bed. I was able to get off work Sunday night, so I napped for a few hours and then we spent the rest of the day at my grandparent's house with the family. It was wonderful!

I love my sweet boys!

I'm so thankful to call them mine. 
The next day was Muffins with Mom at school with Fisher.

He loves me because I give him hugs. 

Enjoying our muffins!

I love this boy!

May Update 2

We had our first experience with stitches a few weeks ago! Fisher was playing on the playground before TBall one Monday night-I was literally letting the boys play for 5 minutes before we went to the Tball game. I had stopped at the concession stand to talk to a friend and the boys ran ahead to the playground. I went to grab them to go to the tball field, and Fisher walks up to me, and I see red on his chin. I looked, and knew that he needed stitches. He said he was climbing up the slide, heard a noise that scared him, so he slipped and fell on the slide. The slide has bumps on it, so I'm guessing he hit it just right. 

Daddy had a softball game at the exact same time, so he stayed to play, and the other two boys went home with YaYa and Pops while I took Fisher to the hospital. 

watching TV while waiting to see the doctor 

he had his numbing cream on, and we're ready for stitches

his cut all cleaned up and ready for stitches 

getting it cleaned 

F did so well, until they started tying off the first stitch. Then, he was hysterical and inconsolable. Granted, he was exhausted-it was 10 PM and he's normally in bed by 7. He got some intranasal Versed, and then we got started again. He was still upset, but stayed still with some help and we finished getting stitched up.

3 stitches later, he got his promised popsicle. He was so upset the next day, because he didn't remember getting his popsicle (thank you Versed). 
All in all, it wasn't a terrible experience getting stitches, although I wasn't the one getting them. I'm sure we'll have more experiences with gashes and stitches and ER visits through the years!

May Update 1

Once a month blogging has commenced! May has been a busy month for us. In this post, we have pictures from a trip to the zoo, Fisher's first tball game, and my silly boys wearing their new sunglasses. 

A fun trip to the zoo with our friend Caroline
The boys got to feed the giraffes for the first time, and they loved it! It was a lot of fun.

TBall has started! Fisher likes it a lot better than soccer, which was a complete disaster. It has been a very pleasant experience, and he's really enjoyed playing.

B loves Fisher's hat 
I got brave and let the boys use my super sharp knives to chop strawberries for me. They did so well!

The boys love to vacuum now! Win for me!
They were being silly before church a few weeks ago in their sunglasses.

goofy boys