Friday, October 30, 2015

Baker's 2 Month Checkup

I survived Baker's checkup by myself with all 3 boys! This included shots for the littlest boy and the middle child having his fingers slammed in the car door (whoops). We made it!

Baker is doing great! He's 50th percentile for both height (23 inches) and weight (11 lbs 11 oz). He's smiling and cooing and took his shots like a champ!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Catch Up

I'm almost caught up with my pictures! True miracle y'all!
Fisher wrote his and Sullivan's name in a birthday card. I love seeing how he writes and learns!

Climbing with YaYa

Enjoying a pretty day outside

He's smiling so much more and I love it!

This one is all about being Buzz Lightyear!

So tired he fell asleep sitting up

Trying to pick the best spot on the roof to fly off of... Help me!

Sweet growing boy! Looking just like his daddy.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Baker is One Month Old!

Now that he's almost two months old, I'm finally getting around to posting his one month pictures and stats. I did actually take these pictures one his one month-aversary, but obviously life has kept me a little busy between now and then!

* Baker weighs 9 lbs 6 oz. He is 22 inches long.
* He wears size newborn clothes, and he wears newborn cloth diapers and disposable diapers.
*He likes to sleep, eat, repeat...
*He usually sleeps between 2-3 hours at night, but he's given me a few 4 hour stretches.
* He nurses all the time-anywhere from every 30 minutes to every 2 hours
*His eyes are still blue
*He isn't a big fan of tummy time
* He loves to be swaddled and sleeps best that way
* He is loved by his brothers! They are always wanting to tell him "good morning" and "good night", and can't seem to keep their hands off him when he's around. They will wake him up and then be so excited that he's awake! If he cries, they tell him "it's ok Baker". Sullivan likes to make him cry and then tell him that "it's ok Bubby"!
*We love this little boy! I thought that I might be disappointed if I ended up with a third boy instead of a girl, but I'm not disappointed at all! A third boy has been just right for our family, and Fisher likes to tell me that he wants 10 more Bakers! I'm leaving that up to Daddy...
* Nicknames: Baker Baby, Bubby

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gama Comes to Visit

Gama came in town this past weekend to meet her newest grand baby. We were able to enjoy an evening at Uncle Marc's house with our cousins! Gama was also able to come to Fisher's soccer game. We were so glad to see her!

Cousin Nadia loves babies!

Gama with all her grandkids

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Several Firsts

Memaw loves snuggling with this boy!

First time in the Bumbo! He's really too little for it, but I stuck him in there to see how he liked it. I think we'll wait awhile before we attempt again.

Ice cream date with these cuties after MDO

I could eat him up...

More baby snuggles

First bottle! YaYa have it to him while I was at one of my workout classes. He took those two ounces like a champ! I'm glad that daddy won't have to worry about him eating when I go back to work.

Sweet squishy lips

Caught a smile!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Farm Day! Plus a Few Extras

Working hard during his soccer game!


All swaddled and ready for sleep

Fisher had farm day at MDO a few weeks ago. I was able to go and enjoy the farm animals with him. It was a lot of fun! His favorite things were the train ride and picking out a pumpkin.

He was over the pictures-ha!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Randoms and Baker's First Bath

Because what boy doesn't play in trees in his underwear?!

Keeping me company while I was pumping one morning.

Silly Sock Day at MDO

First bath! He wasn't so fond of it, but he's done ok with the few that I've given him since. This has been his only tub bath, and all the other ones have been in the sink.

Squishy baby face all snuggled up in the ring sling

All smiles at soccer

These boys are ready for crazy hat day at MDO!

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