Sunday, March 26, 2017

4 Year Checkup and 18/19 Month Checkup

Sullivan had his 4 year old checkup and Baker had his 18/19 month checkup this past week with Dr. Catherine. Sullivan was not excited in the least about having to get his checkup done, but we managed to get it completed without too much fuss. I'm happy to say that the boys are perfectly healthy!

S weighed in at 31 lbs, which in in the 10th percentile. He is 39 inches tall (25th percentile). 

getting his "muscle squeezed"

helping Ms. Iola get his blood into her magic tube. 

I was so impressed that B didn't scream or cry when he sat on the scale!

19 lbs 1 oz (not even on the growth chart) and 32 1/4 inches tall (50th percentile), with a head circumference of 19 1/4 (75th percentile). 

exam room snack time 
While B is healthy and growing, he's only gained 3 oz in about 4 months. We did some blood work the next day just to make sure everything is ok. He was completely traumatized by having to have his blood drawn, but the sucker he got more than made up for his distress.
suckers make everything ok

My Big Backyard

We had beautiful weather this week and we spent one of those days at the Botanic Gardens. The boys love love love exploring there, and we never run out of things to see and do while we're there. 

cheesin on the swing 

the best part! A giant sand pile that the boys can spend forever in. 

thinking hard about what to do next 

more sand!

a sweaty happy boy 

Cohen was ready to go by this point ha 

a picture of my sweet boy all dressed for school in his Memphis polo. I love that grin and his nose scrunch!

my buddy at the eye doctor with me this past week. He did so well and I was so thankful!

Cousins, Dentist Visits, and a Black Eye

More catch up from March!

The boys finally got to meet their newest cousin, Kyle! We are so blessed to have such a great family full of growing boys and now girls!
 Dentist visits for all the boys were next. All three boys had a great checkup, even if Baker was fussing and wouldn't let me take his picture. 

F has a small crossbite that might require some correction in the future, but only if his molars (which are currently coming in) come in crooked. Fingers crossed for no orthodontic work yet!

S loves wearing the sunglasses when he gets his teeth cleaned
We made a trip to the zoo for Cohen's birthday, followed by lunch at Jerry's!

They're all in the picture, but that's not saying much...

lunch at Jerry's! We love the new indoor space. 

first black eye from his brother. A foam baseball bat to the eye will do that to you!

documenting that he actually slept in! F is my early riser, like 5:30 early. He slept until 8:15 a few weeks ago! I had to check on him to make sure he was still breathing ha. Sadly, it hasn't happened since then.

B's new friend, a worm. He carried it around for about 20 minutes before we made him throw it away. Poor worm. 

outside fun!

we love to go on walks, and there's this one spot in front of a house that has the best dirt for digging in and making piles to drive through. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Sullivan!

Sullivan turned 4 in early March. We had the best time celebrating him! He decided on a dinosaur theme for his birthday party, and was extremely specific about what type of shirt he wanted me to make him. He wanted a blue dinosaur and a green number 4. 

He was pleased with how his shirt turned out!

Birthday donuts per his request!

All dressed up and ready for school. I was able to take donuts to his class and read them a few of his favorite books.

posing with his birthday cake that his Aunt Jodie made. 

party decorations!

"roar I'm 4!"

we opened his gifts from us before his party-he was so thrilled with his gifts!

YaYa, Pops, and the birthday boy

these boys love Brooks-our neighbor and sweet friend

the best family picture we could get

Momma and her favorite 4 year old!

Happy Birthday!
I can't believe my sweet, curly headed, middle baby is 4 already. Sullivan is so kind (most of the time, unless it comes to his older brother), and is so tender hearted. He is quick to forgive, and even faster to apologize. He's a whiny mess when he's tired, and loves to snuggle. He is a huge confidence booster-he tells me multiple times every single day "Mommy, I like you" or "Mommy, I love you". He is strong willed and is very particular about what he wears. He loves to help me pick out my clothes and tells me how handsome I look. He is usually quick to help and his teachers at school tell me how kind he is to everyone. We are so thankful for this silly boy, and feel so blessed to call him ours!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Recap, Part 3

Jamie and I were able to surprise the big boys with a date night last week. We took them to Belly Acres for dinner and then saw Wild Kratts live at the Cannon Center. We had fun!

Apparently we were thinking alike-floral and plaid!

how every single picture turned out! Their faces crack me up. 
S got to run some errands with Daddy last Saturday morning, so F and I pulled out the science experiment kit he got for Christmas. We made an erupting volcano and grew some crystals. It was more stressful that fun for me (because a certain 18 month old didn't understand why he couldn't climb on the table and knock everything off), but F had fun!
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science experiment-erupting volcano!

just a little magazine reading in the kitchen floor last week 

S requested a bratwurst for breakfast. He ate it,too! And has asked for one again ha

his stinker face when he steals my breakfast 

watching the rain in the morning