Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving and Christmas Trees

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past week with our family. We had a great turnout at my grandparents. It was wild and crazy and perfect!

love these 3 wild boys!

so so thankful for this family of mine 

my sweet middle boy. he tells me at least 5 times a day "Mommy, I like you" in the sweetest little voice

silly biggest boy

my baby 

Baker was fascinated with Rilynn!
Saturday, we made our annual trek to find the perfect Christmas tree. We've cut down our trees for as long as I can remember, and I love getting to pass this tradition on to the boys.

we found our tree!

our favorite way to travel 

helping Daddy cut the tree down 

Mommy had a turn, too!

Daddy finished it off
We got the tree put up in the house today, and it is so perfect! My plans for this week include putting all the lights on and hopefully the boys will help me with the ornaments! We love this time of year!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Catching Up Some More

what happens when he dresses himself. Most of the time, he picks out great outfits! This time, stripes for days....And he was so proud of himself. 

Fun at Wendy's after Jump n Jamz. And how old does he look?! sob...

spaghetti and corn. This boy can put away some corn!

they decorated their very own Christmas trees to put in their rooms. 

We finally have a girl in the family! My niece was born Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  

sweet little girl, Rilynn!

Outdoor Adventures

Two weeks ago, we all made the trip downtown to go to the Big River Crossing, which is the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River into Arkansas. It was so much run! The boys ran and ran, and we tried our best to keep up ha. 

The next day, we made a quick trip to the zoo after the boys got out of school. It was so perfect-it was overcast, and there had been a small rain shower right before we got there. So, the zoo was virtually empty! And, the animals were the most active I can remember seeing them in a long time! It was the perfect quick trip.

More Catching Up To Do

sweet baby sleeping 

Mr. Ronnie came over to fix our toilet, and he had quite the audience asking 500 questions! He was a good sport about it .

second tooth gone!
We enjoyed raking piles of leaves and playing in them!

sweet cousins swinging 

my two oldest boys before school one day 

The Day Fisher Cut His Hair

Fisher has always had long hair. I've told him for as long as I can remember that when he was ready to cut it, we would. He's never been ready (even though everyone else has been-ha). We love his hair long, and so does he!

We went for a trim a few weeks ago, and I asked him how much he wanted cut off. The day before, he said he didn't want a hair cut. His response as we were driving to our appointment was to show me with his fingers how short he wanted it. It was basically a buzz cut. I about died. We talked about it some more, and he still wanted it significantly shorter. So, that's what we did!

Aunt Vicki was not excited about being to one to cut off his hair ha

I haven't seen his neck like this in a really long time!

The afterwards! She wanted to cut more, but Fisher underestimated the length of time he would have to sit in the chair and be still. He was over it. 
We lived with that haircut for a day, and I never loved it. I had the same haircut when I was his age, and it didn't look any better on him than it did me! So, after I picked up the boys from preschool on Friday, we went to see Ms. Brenna to get it shaped.

all smiles

she had to use the clippers. I about died. 

my handsome boy!
I'm the first to admit that I cried real tears when he cut his hair off. But, we love love love the way his hair is! It's so much easier to maintain and he looks adorable. I'll always miss that long hair, and I'm secretly hoping he'll want to grow it out again!

Catching Up as Quickly as I can!

Ahhhh! I'm so behind! Life has been moving along quickly, which leaves little time for blogging! But, here's an attempt at a catch up.

poor buddy fell off the little picnic table on the patio about 3 weeks ago. He was so banged up!

the next week, he fell off the tractor at my parents' house. Poor thing was looking rough! and he needs a helmet apparently. 

Compassion Experience at church! It was a little crazy with all the boys in a tiny space, so it didn't go exactly as planned, but still a good experience. 

paying close attention (for now)

this was me-wearing Cohen (Jamie wasn't supposed to be lifting), holding Baker, and trying to listen to my headphones. whew- I was sweating by the time we were finished!

and this one just wanted to eat the fake food 

he loves playing dress up!

he also loves snap chat

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 from a construction worker, a bank robber, and a blue T Rex dinosaur!

I wanted the boys to have a costume theme, but they were dead set on being whatever they wanted to be. So, I got to pick Baker's costume and that was it. We did trunk or treat at church, and then trick or treated at a few houses in our cove.

first time trick or treating!

their candy!