Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Update 2

June has been jam packed for us so far! Between swimming lessons, VBS, birthdays, and vacation, we've been busy!
Daddy got off on a Friday the week before F's birthday, so we were able to have a family day. Fisher picked going to the Big River Crossing, Jerry's for lunch, and then swimming. We had a great day!

T Ball is over ! F had a great season and really enjoyed himself!

VBS pictures!

his pajama choices make me laugh

B wasn't too excited about taking a picture
T Ball pizza party and awards banquet!

this boy loves swimming!

June Update

I'm turning into a once a month poster...again. Oh well!
two of my handsome boys before church

We've been loving the pool this summer!

National Donut Day!

he's done so well with TBall this season

he's been loving bow ties lately!

muddy little boy

We completed once week of swimming lessons a few weeks ago, and we have a second week of lessons coming up!

he's ready to go!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

St Louis Adventure

YaYa and Pops took us on a St. Louis adventure a few weeks ago to celebrate being out of school. The boys had a blast, and the adults had a lot of fun, too!

We went to the Discovery Museum in Union City on our way to St. Louis. It was so much fun, and there was so much stuff to look at. I would have enjoyed it even without kids!

the enormous bear in the lobby

exploring an Army helicoptor

driving a Jeep 

a car just his size

science experiments 
We stayed in a great hotel in St. Louis, and the boys were all about the pool, ha.

how we eat dinner in a hotel 
Grants Farm was our next stop! We had fun seeing all the animals they had, but it wasn't the greatest thing ever. We were glad it was free!

riding on the tram 
We fed baby goats! That was the highlight of our day.

B was so funny-a goat would latch on to the bottle, and he would say "no" and go find another goat to tease. 

even Mama got to feed one!

Our last day we went to the Magic House, which is the children's museum there. It was amazing! We could have spent days there and still had stuff to do. The boys had a blast!
dress up-his favorite 

F loved the electricity exhibit 

sand play 

they have an art room, and the boys enjoyed creating masterpieces 

outdoor play

there was a real construction area, which the boys were head over heels for

We enjoyed our summer adventure!

Another May Update

More updates from May!

friends at the ballfield 

The boys had their ABC Bible verse memory program at church. They recited a verse for each letter of the alphabet-so cute!

ice cream to celebrate

Somebody was extremely tire ha 

Last day of school!!

he's grown so much!

ready for kindergarten (insert sad face here) !