Sunday, June 28, 2015

2nd Trimester Recap

Since I'm well into my third trimester (yikes!), I need to post my second trimester recap. I've been writing a few things down every week, and I wanted to get them posted on the ol' blog before they disappear. Or before I have a baby. I didn't start taking a bump picture until I was 20 weeks (poor third kid), so I have no photo documentation until then.
At 12 weeks, we had an OB visit. The heart rate was 159. The boys love listening to the baby's heartbeat!
At 14 weeks, I craved rotel. all.the.time. We told our family that we're pregnant!
At 15 weeks, I started attending a prenatal fitness class twice a week. It was the best pregnancy decision ever! I have felt so good throughout this entire pregnancy, and my fitness level has greatly improved. Of course, it was pretty low to begin with...
At 16 weeks, we had another OB visit. The heart rate was 154.
At 17 weeks, I started to feel fetal movement!
At 18 weeks, I was feeling pretty consistent flutters.
At 19 weeks, the baby was moving a lot! The boys have loved to kiss and talk to the baby through my belly button. Fisher insists that the baby will be named "Slippery Ice". I have no idea where that came from, but he still says it.
At 20 weeks, we had our anatomy scan. The baby checked out perfectly healthy! The heart rate was 140, and the baby weighed 12 oz. The baby was very lazy during the ultrasound and did not want to move very much. He (I'm just saying he because it's easier than saying it) had his legs crossed just like the boys like to do. Daddy thinks it's a boy. We finally announced to the world that we're having another baby.

Yes, I took a picture in the bathroom at work. Don't judge me.

At 21 weeks, I've had mild heartburn a few times. My belly is growing fast! Fisher thinks it's a boy, Sullivan says it's a girl.

At 22 weeks, Fisher has started asking how the baby gets in my belly and how it comes out. That's made for some interesting conversations! He asks if my belly is big enough for the baby to come out yet. The baby doesn't have a name yet. I'm still having very minimal heartburn occasionally, and have started wearing a few maternity shirts.

At 23 weeks, the baby has been pretty active. He has done a lot of "balling up" in my lower abdomen, which isn't the most pleasant sensation. I notice myself getting out of breath a little easier now, but I can still run during my prenatal class!

At 24 weeks, the heart rate was 145. We had a good OB checkup, but I wasn't very happy with my weight gain! The baby is now viable outside the womb!

At 25 weeks, I started having occasional back pain when I sleep or sit in one position for too long. I've been trying to get the boys to feel the baby move, but they're too impatient! They are so in love with the baby. Fisher is still very insistent about it being a boy, and gets angry when I say it might be a girl. I'm saying it's a boy (trying to prepare myself that it more than likely is another boy). The boys like to kiss my belly goodnight and then rub their kiss in (aka, their slobber). We pray for the baby every night, and then I have to lift up my shirt so they can kiss my belly.

At 26 weeks, I finally went to the chiropractor for my back, which only hurts occasionally. I'm so thankful I don't have bad back pain like I did when I was pregnant with Sullivan.

At 27 weeks, I started having severe symphysis pubis pain, but thankfully that only lasted for a few days. I'm still able to run during my prenatal class! Sullivan and I walked every day outside while Fisher had swimming lessons, but it's almost too hot to do that. My belly has started to move when the baby kicks.

So, to recap, I've had a wonderful second trimester! Minimal complaints and lots of exciting things! Daddy thinks boy, Mommy thinks boy (but would love a girl!), Fisher thinks boy, and Sullivan thinks girl. There is no name for this poor child, and we've done absolutely nothing in preparation for its arrival. I guess I should get on that...
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Donuts, Pancakes, Comics, Cicadas, and Veggies

How's that for a post title?! Ha we celebrated national donut day a few weeks ago with a visit to our local donut shop. The boys both enjoyed donuts with sprinkles, per their request. As you can see, they were forced to eat them! :)

Very intently watching YaYa make pancakes one Saturday morning

They loved the cicadas!

Reading the comics one morning.

Silly boys trying on their beach hats

They are obsessed with Cohen. Obsessed.

Our haul from our garden! I've been very pleasantly surprised that we've actually managed to grow things that are edible.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bass Pro and a Jerry's Visit

Daddy didn't have to work on Memorial Day, which meant that Tuesday was family day (he works nights)! We decided to take the boys downtown to see the new Bass Pro.

We had a lot of fun! I was really impressed by how they had designed the store. The boys loved watching the fish and trying out all the boats and ATVs.

We didn't splurge on the $10/person elevator ride (sorry kids!), so after we walked around, we drove to Jerry's to get our favorite snow cones! This is the first time the boys have picked their own flavor instead of sharing with us, and they decided that they wanted blue snow cones, so they each got a blue raspberry snow cone.

I think they liked them!

We really enjoyed our family day together, especially since they're few and far between. We can't wait until we can do it again!

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sullivan is 22 Months Old!

Again, I am way behind, seeing as how my baby is already 27 months old. I managed to take 22 month pictures, but not 23 and 24. Poor third child is already getting the short end of the stick...I don't have any really specifics to post, since it was months ago and I didn't write anything down, but I'm trying to document! So, here you go...

* Sullivan weighs about 23 pounds.
* He wears 12-18 month clothes, and he wears size 4 diapers.
*He is always on the go and constantly getting into things.
 * He nurses 2-3 times a day. On the nights that I work, he'll drink a bottle (yes, he still takes a bottle) of almond/whole milk. It's not his favorite, but he'll drink it. Otherwise, he's a water drinker the rest of the time. (update:we weaned at 25 months due to pregnancy, and his whole milk intake has increased dramatically. He loves milk now!)
*He loves to eat!
*He's doing better about being around strange/unfamiliar people. He doesn't scream anymore, but he's still very leery.
* Sleep is going well for the most part. If he does wake up during the night, be goes back to sleep very quickly.
*He's a major mama's boy (still that way)
*He's got a mouthful of teeth and I think he's working on some molars. He's been gnawing on his hands something fierce.
*His eyes are hazel-they're beautiful! They tend to stay brown most of the time, so I think he'll end up being a brown-eyed boy. His hair keeps getting blonder, and the ends have a bit of curl to them.  People always ask why I cut his hair and not Fisher's, but Sullivan's hair just doesn't grow!
*He is obsessed with shoes and socks. He's always commenting about people having their "shoes on" and "socks on". He likes to pick out his own shoes and socks to wear, even if he's wearing his pajamas. He has much more of an opinion about his wardrobe that Fisher ever has.
*His boots are his favorite shoes to wear. He wants to wear them with everything!
 *He is so very curious and inquisitive. He's always asking "doin?" (what are you doing) and "why?". All.the.time. It's exasperating, but I love that he wants to know things.
*He's very much into the "no" and "mine" stage. If he doesn't get his way-major meltdown with lots of screaming!
*He is a huge copycat of his brother. Monkey see, monkey do all the time!
*This child is such a mess and such a joy. He loves to laugh and smile, and he loves to read, just like his brother. We are so thankful he's developing his own personality, even though it screams STUBBORN! or should I just say independent and headstrong?! :)
* Nicknames: Sully, Brother, Bug, Brother Bear, Turkey

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fisher Goes to Mother's Day Out

Fisher started at Mother's Day Out (MDO) at our church in January. It took a long time for me to be convinced that he needed to go. However, I finally decided it was time, and it was a great decision. Fisher loved going to "school"! He made lots of new friends, and enjoyed learning about new things. He blossomed socially, and I could see his little mind soaking up knowledge like a sponge. I'm so glad we made the decision to put him in MDO, and he can't wait to go back in the fall!

Posing before their first day of MDO

He was so excited!

End of the year program-Fisher is in the middle in the blue shirt.

Fisher loved his teachers and his class. His teachers were sweet enough to make a scrapbook for each student that showcased their artwork and special things they did throughout the year. They would text me to make sure he was ok if we missed a day because he was sick. I'm so thankful for such a wonderful environment for my little boy to be safe and grow!

Easter 2015

We weren't able to make it to church on Easter, because Sullivan was running a fever (if I remember right). The boys still dressed up in their Easter shirts to wear to Memaw's for Easter dinner, and they also enjoyed the egg hunt at Buckhead.

A quick picture before we headed out to hunt eggs. I'm not going to mention how many it took to get a decent picture...

It was cold and wet! We wore rain boots and jackets all day.

He found two eggs, and that's all he wanted. Well, he really only wanted one egg, but I convinced him to find another one. He stopped and ate his candy, and he was happy!

Fisher wanted to find a few more eggs, and he did! He and Asher had a blast!

Trying to take a picture on Easter. This is how Fisher felt about that idea...

A Very Curious Birthday Party

Sullivan had a Curious George birthday party in March. He loves to read George books, and he's curious about everything (and gets into everything), so I knew it would be perfect for him. And, it was. He loved it! I kept the menu and the d├ęcor simple. It was a wonderful party with our friends and family.

I got several Curious George books from the library, and used those for our decorations. The boys love to read them anyways, so I just borrowed them on the day of the party and stuck them throughout the house. I used bananas throughout, as well. What monkey doesn't love bananas?!

I copied pages from the George books we had, and strung them up throughout the party space. The banner on the mantel reads "Sullivan", while the others are just cute pictures of Curious George.

Our sweets table. We also had ice cream.

Very simple party food-hot dogs and bratwurst, chips and dip, fruit salad, and our dessert.

The birthday boy! I used the chalkboard the boys got for Christmas to welcome everyone to the party, and Sullivan loved posing in his George shirt I made him.

the menu!

Singing happy birthday to my sweet boy. This is when we also announced to our family and friends that baby #3 is on the way!

He loves cupcakes!

Pure joy! He loved his new dinosaur raincoat and his new hat.

He's too cool!

I think it's safe to say that the birthday boy had a wonderful party. We loved celebrating him and the joy he brings to our lives every single day. He is at such a fun age right now, and I wouldn't trade him for the world!