Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Last Few Weeks

my littlest boy

matching in their grizz shirts!

this boy loves puddles! He told me "I love splashin'". I'm glad he didn't mind being kicked outside to play even though it was raining. 

he had so much fun!

a tree branch got him while he was out on an adventure. A little too close to his eye for me!

I tested out a new brownie recipe and this one was my helper. He approved!


last week was not fun. the youngest two had ear infections, 4 out of 5 of us had the stomach bug, and there was snot and coughing to spare. but, we're past that now!

working on sitting up like a big boy

writing his name on his Valentine's cards, although we ended up missing his party at MDO. 

we made Valentine's cookies!

and had sprinkle pancakes for V day

bedtime selfie with this cutie

you know he doesn't feel well when he puts himself to bed on the couch and slept for over two hours. 

his treasure box pick

I could just eat him up!

how we feel about being able to play outside!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Baker is 5 Months Old!

* Baker weighs about 15 pounds
* He wears size 3-6 month clothes, and he wears size small cloth diapers and size 3 disposable diapers. 
*He's awake a lot during the day now! He generally will take 2-4 naps, with a couple of those being more of a catnap than anything. He generally will take at least an hour long morning nap, and a longer 1-2 hour late afternoon nap.
*He usually sleeps all night long! He'll go down around 10 and sleep until 6 or 7. If he does wake up, it's around 3 or 4, and he goes right back to sleep after eating. 
* He nurses all the time-anywhere from every 30 minutes to every 2 hours
*He has gotten so much better at taking a bottle! I am so thankful for that (and I know his daddy is, too!)  
*His eyes are still blue. They change all the time; sometimes they're more of a gray blue, but they're usually pretty dark. 
*He sucks on his fingers all the time. This creates a lot of drool!
 *He is working on sitting up unassisted. He can manage it for 5-10 seconds (only sometimes), and then it's all over.
*He's a pro at rolling from belly to back, but not so much from back to belly.
*He loves to sleep on his belly! I let him sleep like this when he naps on the play mat. 
* He loves to be swaddled and sleeps best that way
*He likes to lay on his play mat and has started grabbing at his toys and trying to eat them. He loves to hold things and it's so cute to see him try to focus on his toys and grab them.
*He smiles and coos all the time! He loves to "talk"
*He is ticklish! He laughs so hard when I tickle him! I love seeing the dimple on his cheek pop out when he is smiling big.
*He tolerates bath time. He doesn't scream or cry, but he doesn't act like he loves it either!
* The older boys are still madly in love with him! They are always kissing on him and petting him. They want to sit right beside him all the time. it's so very sweet.
* Nicknames: Baker Baby, Bubby

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Snow Day

These three had so much fun playing in the snow! I think we got slightly more than most of the Memphis area, and they made the most of it! They made snowballs and went sledding.

love these boys! they are going to be so much trouble when they're older!

my three favorite boys! Don't worry, B was only outside for his photo op and then he went back inside where it was warm. 

Mama and her boys
S eating the snow

the aftermath of sledding ha
We enjoyed our snow day! Although, I will say that it is quite exhausting getting small children dressed and ready to go play outside. They played for 30 minutes, came inside to get warm (which of course involved taking off the many layers), and then wanted to go back out. Whew! Makes me glad that snow days don't happen too often!