Sunday, October 27, 2013

September Wedding

My little sister got married last month, and I never blogged about it. Whoops...
She was supposed to have an outdoor ceremony, but with the monsoon that occurred, it ended up being an inside wedding at my parents. It was beautiful and perfect in every way! Here are some of my pictures.
The boys loved watching the unloading of all the tables and chairs

Taking a pre wedding nap

Watching Pops and Uncle Jacob work on the ceremony site

I have the best family. They worked all day in the morning rain to get everything exactly right.

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Zoo Fun

We made a trip to the zoo last week with some of my friends from work and their kiddos. We met up with our friend Andrea, who moved to another state this summer. It was a great time to catch up!

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This Past Week

Sophie the giraffe is a constant companion these days

So handsome!

Playtime one morning

What I woke up to after my aster work nap :)

He got tired of waiting on me to put Fisher to bed, so he went to sleep in the hall

Playing at YaYa's

Don't you like to play with a bucket on your head?!

A little conversation between brothers

Fisher got stuck under the couch just like this when he was learning how to crawl

Bundled up outside


Bath time

He wore his hair in a ponytail. No, we don't care how long it is, and no, we have no current plans to cut it.

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