Friday, June 27, 2014

A Few More MBBY Visits

We've gone to MBBY a few more times with friends over the past few weeks. I'm so thankful that my boys love playing with their friends and that we have a fun place to do it!

Jackson, Brooklyn, Sullivan, Fisher, Brantley, and Colton-we had our hands full with these kiddos!

Lunch time! We played with Lilliana, Hamilton, Benjamin (well, he slept the whole time), Luke, Brady, Jane Ellis, Aubrey, and Alden (who also slept a lot).

This was right before S threw his hat in the pond. I was able to rescue it, although I was a little worried the giant catfish were going to think my hand was fish food. :)

He loves playing in the water! Both boys would be just fine only playing in the little river and not going anywhere else!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sullivan is 15 Months Old!

* Sullivan weighs 21 pounds, 7 ounces and is 31 inches tall .
* He wears size 9-12 month clothes, and he wears one-size cloth diapers (size 4 in disposables)
*He is always on the go!
*He is a paper magnet. He will find paper anywhere and immediately put it in his mouth.
 * He nurses every 3-4 hours. When he takes a bottle, he'll drink 5-7 ounces.
*He loves, loves, loves smoothies and guacamole.
*He drinks water out of a sippy cup; his favorite kind has the straw in it.
*He loves playing with balls, the water table, and sitting on the little 4wheeler.
*He does not like people! He usually cries if someone looks at him, or at least buries his head in my shoulder. He's still a big mama's boy.
* He's had a lot of sleep regression! I'm blaming it on his molars, and hopefully they'll pop through soon and he'll stop waking up 3-4 times a night.
*He's a snuggler.
*He doesn't like men, at all. He likes his daddy and his Pops. His uncles are questionable. :)
*He still has eight teeth. His molars are ready to bust through soon!! His gums are extremely swollen, but they've been like that for a while.
*His eyes are hazel-they're beautiful!
*He knows where his nose and ears are, and he's discovered his belly button.
*He likes to pat-a-cake, and he knows the motions. He also likes to stomp his foot.
*He has lots of words now-mama, dada, YaYa, Pops, Lenny, Percy, snack (nack), outside (side), no, banana (mnana), dog, choo choo, ball, swing...He uses "no" very appropriately. :)
*He loves to eat with a spoon or a fork. He'll end up eating much more that way than if I try to feed him. He's very messy, but so proud of himself.
*He is fearless! He loves to climb, and he loves to slide. He thinks he's as big as his brother :)
*He will give giant, open mouth slobbery kisses. And if you're not careful, he'll stick his tongue in your mouth. :)
* He loves to antagonize Fisher. He will always take whatever Fisher is playing with, and he loves to pull his hair.
* Nicknames: Sully, Brother, Bug, Brother Bear, Turkey

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

We celebrated Elizabeth's third birthday at Pump it Up last week. The boys had a blast! The adults had fun, too. :)

This little boy had no fear going down the big slide!

Selfie in the obstacle course

Doing it all by himself

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Friday, June 20, 2014

3rd Birthday and Father's Day

I'll do a longer post later and include party pictures from my camera, but you can see some phone pictures for now. We celebrated Fisher's third birthday and Father's Day last weekend. I can't believe my baby is three-I definitely shed some tears over that!
I am so thankful to call this little boy mine and I can't imagine life without him. Although he drives me crazy sometimes, it's all worth it!
He took decorating his cupcake for his party very seriously. He picked out the colors for his cupcakes, and talked for weeks about which color he wanted to eat. He chose blue for his party and green for his actual birthday. :)

It was finally time to eat his cupcake!!

His birthday biscuit. That was the best I could do considering I worked the night before and had to go back that night. He was thrilled to blow out more candles. :)

Birthday lunch at Memaw's! Steak for the dads.

We're so thankful for this man we called Daddy!

Birthday cupcake #2

Helping Pops open his presents.

I couldn't love my Daddy any more!

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Urgent Care Visit

It was bound to happen sooner or later-we had to make a visit to urgent care the week before his birthday to see if Fisher needed stitches or dermabond for the gash on his chin.

He was playing in his room while I was watching and talking to him. He kicked a ball and was walking to go get it when he slipped on his train tracks and fell. I thought he fell on his back. After rocking and comforting him, I was about to put him down when I noticed blood on my hand. I thought he might have bitten his lip, but when I investigated further, I saw the gash on his chin.

We packed up and headed to the urgent care center. Frozen was playing, so Fisher was happily occupied. :) He was most traumatized by having to stand on the scale and get weighed! The doctor determined that his 1cm gash was fare bought back under his chin that dermabond would work instead of stitches.

Fisher was very happy to watch some Thomas the Train episodes while the dermabond was applied. He'll definitely have a scar, but it makes him more handsome!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Silly Selfies

We took some post nap selfies last week. Oh how I love this boy of mine!!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Fun in the Backyard

We have loved going to My Big Backyard this summer! The boys love to play and splash in areas meant for people just their size! We went a few weeks ago with Asher. It seems like the boys enjoyed splashing in the little river the most.

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