Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Outdoor Fun

We went to the playground at Shelby Farms last week. The boys had a blast running around, sliding, and swinging.

The boys had to wash their 4wheeler.

S loves to drink smoothies. He also insisted on wearing underwear over his diaper :)

Eating his cereal like a big boy

I got to eat breakfast with those wild men earlier this week.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sullivan is 17 Months Old!

* Sullivan weighs about 22 pounds.
* He wears size 9-12 month clothes, and he wears one-size cloth diapers (size 4 in disposables)
*He is always on the go!
 * He nurses 2-4 times a day. He still isn't a fan of regular milk, but we haven't really pushed him to keep trying it. He only takes a bottle on the two nights that I work, and he'll drink between 2-5 ounces.
*He loves, loves, loves smoothies, guacamole, and yogurt. Peanut butter is his latest favorite.
*He loves playing with balls, mowing with his mower, and playing in the water.
*He does not like people! He usually cries if someone looks at him, or at least buries his head in my shoulder. He's still a big mama's boy.
* Sleep....oh, sleep. We are majorly struggling in this department. He still wakes up 1-2 times a night for  me, but will sometimes sleep through the night for his daddy. :)
*He's a snuggler.
*He doesn't like men, at all. He likes his daddy and his Pops. His uncles are questionable. :)
*He has 11 teeth. His fourth molar is almost through the skin.
*His eyes are hazel-they're beautiful! They tend to stay brown most of the time, so I think he'll end up being a brown-eyed boy. His hair keeps getting blonder, and the ends have a bit of curl to them.
*He knows his nose, ears, belly button, teeth, and tongue.
*He likes to pat-a-cake, and he knows the motions. He also likes to stomp his foot. He's started saying "yah" and kicking his foot-practicing his karate.
*He has lots of words now! He still speaks in one work sentences, but he's pretty easy to understand.
*He's a bit of a shrieker at times, and it's very shrill!
*He loves to eat with a spoon or a fork. He'll end up eating much more that way than if I try to feed him. He's very messy, but so proud of himself.
*He is fearless! He loves to climb, and he loves to slide. He thinks he's as big as his brother :)
* Nicknames: Sully, Brother, Bug, Brother Bear, Turkey

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Fun

We went to the splash park a few weeks ago. These boys love the water!

Walking back to the car. They have some sweet moments.

Poor boy was worn out!

I looked over and he was just sitting in the recycling bin. Silly!!

His favorite thing lately has been to play with his trains and farm equipment in the driveway. It's a gravel drive, so he usually end up looking quite ghostly from all the dust. :)

Reading with Pops before bed one night

This boy loves to help YaYa mow!

Ready to work with Pops

He got his train stuck in his hair! I got it out without much difficulty, thankfully.

Helping YaYa wash her car :)

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beach Trip 2014

We traveled to our annual family beach trip at the end of June, so I'm a little behind on posting this. The boys had a blast! They both loved the sand and the water, which we were so thankful for. They took excellent naps (!) because they played so hard. Fisher had his first marshmallow, and of course, he loved it.

We are so grateful to be able to make all of these memories with our family. Although travel got a little rough at times (thank you, screaming baby), it was worth it to spend time with the ones we love!

F loved the sand! Rolling in it, throwing it. Thankfully, he didn't eat it. :)

How S napped every day. He'd fall asleep while floating in the waves, and then nap for a little while on the beach. Tough life!

He wore this hat all week long-it kept his hair out of his face and his face/ears from getting sunburned. Win win.

The crew! We still had people missing that weren't able to make it this year.

My sweet grandparents celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary! We are so blessed.

He loved for me to build sand castles so he could kick them over. :)

This little boy would have run straight out in the ocean if we would have let him. He had absolutely no fear.

Why yes, we only mananged to get a family photo when we were about to get in the car to drive back home. :) That;s just the way it works sometimes!