Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekend Fun

We had a great Friday and Saturday! I took B out for a special breakfast treat after taking the boys to school, and then we were silly and tried on Halloween costumes. I love this one on one time with him!

silly little dragon 
The boys have been wanting to go camping for forever! Unfortunately, it never works out with my weekend work schedule, so Daddy decided to do some tent camping in the backyard. They were over the moon excited!

"helping" set up 

they love the tent!

so excited about camping!

Daddy, Penny, and the older boys camped out, while B and I stayed in the house. Everyone slept great and the boys can't wait to do it again!
Saturday morning-time for soccer again! The boys both played so hard! Fisher had some great blocks as goalie, and got some good kicks in. Sullivan scored his second goal of the season. I'm so glad both of them are loving soccer this year!

Week in Review

Pictures from the last week! We didn't do anything super exciting, but we managed to all survive and make it through another week!

He loves worms! He'll carry them around forever. Poor things...

The boys love to snuggle with Penny in the morning! I think she loves it, too. She'll just lay there and let them lay all over her.

YaYa with Fisher and Asher on Grandparents Day last week.  

Soccer season has started again! The boys were so excited to finally be playing!

F wanted another try at soccer after his disastrous attempt at it two years ago. We agreed, and he is loving it this year! He's hustling and having so much fun!

Sweet Sullivan. He's waited for almost 2 years (very impatiently) until he was old enough to play. Every single week he asks me if it's Saturday yet and time for his game. He is having the time of his life playing!

Dentist visit! Both boys had a great report-no cavities! Sadly, F needs orthodontic work to correct his crossbite, so we'll start those appointments in a couple of weeks. He's not very excited about it and neither am I. 

Wearing his shades and getting his teeth cleaned like a champ. B had a check up, too, but he screamed the whole time, so no pictures. Of course, after he was finished, he was such a charmer ha. 

waiting in car line! It was H day in kindergarten, so F had to wear a hat. He had to bring an H snack for his class, so we picked out Hershey bars! 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Saturday fun!

We had a family fun day yesterday! We took the boys to get donuts, and then we went to the park and had a lot of fun walking, playing, and exploring. 

he kept wanting to wear my glasses and make a "videyo"

We had a moment of excitement right before I left for work. The boys were playing while I was reading Baker a book. I heard Fisher start crying and then he ran into the living room. He had been jumping on the bed (which they've been told multiple times not to do, but...) and fell and hit his mouth on the headboard. I looked, and his loose tooth was gone! We haven't been able to find it, and I think he probably swallowed it. Six teeth gone for this six year old! He was really bummed about potentially having swallowed his tooth, but I think it's a life lesson learned about why you should obey your parents when they tell you not to do something...

snaggle tooth boy!

Two Year Checkup and a Haircut

B had his two year checkup on Wednesday. He weighed in at 22 lbs 13 oz (3rd percentile) and is 34.5 inches tall (50th percentile). He's hanging on to the growth chart! He still absolutely hates sitting on the scale. He had a good checkup, despite having to get a shot and being diagnosed with double ear infections. 

so silly
After that, it was time to get a haircut! I love his hair long, but it is so fine and silky that it won't stay out of his eyes, no matter how much I move it out of the way. He did much better this go round with his cut, and only got teary eyed-a vast improvement from the screaming and fit throwing the first time.
so big now!

Last Week in Pictures

F wearing his borrowed gi during karate-his red one hasn't come in yet. He was so excited to finally wear one!

wearing his new outfit that Uncle Jacob and Aunt Brette got him. so so cute!

a beautiful sunset from LeBonheur!

we braved the horrible weather and took the boys to get an ice cream treat Thursday night!

Mom and I had all 7 kiddos on Friday afternoon. The boys played and played, and then they got to watch a show when we needed a break-ha!

I had the touch-I got both girls to sleep and successfully transferred them to the bed!

Happy Second Birthday, Baker!

Baker turned two last Sunday, which is still so hard to believe. My littlest baby is 2! Time flies so fast. We started the weekend by having a birthday brunch for him-he loves donuts (or as he calls them "nonos"), so a breakfast party was right up his alley! And, I didn't have to make a ton of food or worry about a cake-donuts are sweet enough!

the donut cakes turned out great!

simple but so good!

riding his new bike that YaYa and Pops got him

Mommy, Daddy, and the birthday boy 

some of the food! 

singing happy birthday 

my mom got the best shot of him blowing out his candles (and I know he needs a haircut-he got one this week)

His actual birthday was pretty low key. I worked all weekend, so the boys went to church as usual while I slept, and we opened presents when the birthday boy (and me) got up from naps.
cheesin' so hard!

he picked out his own outfit for church but wasn't happy that I put him down so I could take his picture


there's always someone around to help him out 

wearing his new red shoes from Gama

so proud that he lined up his cars all by himself 
The past two years have flown by for us! Baker is such a joy and his brothers adore him-they argue over who gets to get him out of his crib in the morning or at nap time. He is the biggest mama's boy I have ever had, and if I'm around, then I have to do everything. Unless YaYa is there-then he's usually all about her. He's an excellent sleeper and napper, but wakes up pretty easily when things get noisy (so when his brothers wake up, so does he, because they don't know the meaning of silence).

He's strong willed and opinionated about everything! He loves to read and play with cars, just like his big brothers. His vocabulary is through the roof and he talks all.the.time. He is a fairly good eater, and he still nurses. He asks "Feed you now?" when he wants to nurse, and it is so sweet. Unless he's asking all the time, and then it's not. He has his nighttime routine, and that usually includes laying his his brothers' beds, then kissing everyone goodnight, including the dog. He is so sweet and loving, and he lights up our lives!

Favorite words that he says: "Penty" (Penny the dog), "CoCo" (Cohen), "RiRi" (Rilynn), "Sasher" (Asher), "Fisser" (Fisher), "Brother" (Sullivan), "I do it", "mine", "choo train" (choo choo)-really everything he says is the cutest!