Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beach Trip, Part 3

Last beach post! I had too many good pictures not to show all of them, so here they are. The boys were already asking when we were going back as soon as we got home. I'm so thankful that they enjoyed our trip!


love my biggest boy!


we're making progress-he was happy for a few minutes by himself

love them!

he's very serious about his snorkeling!

another day, another nap

snack break 

attempted a family photo in the water

my sweet grandparents. They celebrated 68 years of marriage July 5th!

God's beautiful sunset

attempting to take pictures. can you tell who's over it??

all of my favorite guys!

catching crabs!

YaYa and the boys found a lizard

he needed to put his hair back to put sunscreen on his face, and then he wanted to cheese

Daddy and his boys 

nap time again 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beach Trip, Part 2

he's ready to go!

sleeping again

he was "freezin"

all my pictures are of him sleeping!

except this one-happy baby 

the start of our Independence Day pictures 

my sweet boys 

all the cousins

YaYa and Pops and their boys 

quick nap break 

love my family!

on the beach again waiting on the fireworks 

Memaw and Pepaw and most of their great-grands. 

I love these people!

firework time!

Beach Trip, Part 1

A few weeks ago we embarked on our annual family vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. We had such a great time! The boys traveled very well for the most part, and they loved the beach. Well, Baker hated it. We rented a huge house and most of my extended family was able to come. We're so blessed to be able to go each year, and I love that my boys get to make these memories like I did growing up!

First trip to the ocean!

Baker absolutely hated the sand. 

Baker and Adeline

 a common theme-Baker sleeping. The beach knocked him out!

love these boys of mine!

more sleeping 

Sullivan fell over asleep while eating his lunch. It was so funny-he had yogurt running down his face and he was dead to the world. We moved him to the shade and he slept for a few hours. 

snoozin again

working on a sand castle