Monday, July 25, 2011

This Past Week...

Fisher did several new things! He played on his playmat (ok, so he just laid on it, but that's beside the point), he sat in his bouncy swing (he liked it for all of 15 minutes), and had his first bottle! The bottle he took like a champ! We're working on getting  him used to it because that's what he gets when I go back to work in a few weeks. :( It doesn't seem like he'll have a problem though. And, we tried cloth diapers again! His legs have chunked up a little, so we've been wearing them for 3 days now. Yay! Now, for the pictures...

sleeping on Mommy. Look at those lips!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fisher is One Month Old!

Where has the time gone? My baby is already one month old. Time is flying by!! Here are some pictures and some of Fisher's one month stats...

he's so little in his chair

*Fisher weighs about 8 lbs and is around 19.5 inches long
*He wears newborn diapers and newborn outfits
*He hates to sleep in his pack and play-we only manage about 15 minutes at a time in it
*Loves to sleep in his swing-he actually likes it to swing now, instead of being still
*Breastfeeding every 1.5-3 hours, and he makes it 2.5-3 hours between feedings at night
*Still too small for his cloth diapers-his legs are way too skinny!
*LOVES to be outside! He can be screaming his head off, and will instantly be quiet when you step outside
*Hates to be swaddled
*Loves to sleep on your chest or in your arms
*He just started taking a pacifier, and he seems to like it
*Loves bath time
*Hates having his diaper changed
*Nicknames: Peanut, Budders, Monkey, Fish, Fisher-man

Fisher is one very loved little boy! We are so blessed to call him ours. We love you Fisher!!

Just Because...

Who doesn't need to see more pictures of this cute boy? :)

this is Fisher at one day old

here he is in the same outfit at 4 weeks old

he's filling it out a little bit more :)
his first outfit that's not a onesie that his Daddy bought him

wearing his first pair of footie pajamas

stretching it out-showing off his monkey feet

cute little monkey booty

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another First

**update:this little boy's legs are too skinny for his diapers-as I found out when he peed all over me while nursing, so we have to wait until he chunks up a little bit more!!

Today we started cloth diapering! I am so excited to be doing this! We've had to wait for a little while because Fisher was too small for the diapers. Not anymore! Sometime I'll do a longer post on why we're doing cloth, but for now I'll leave you with some pictures of this cute little boy! :)

his cute booty :)

rockin the Sunbabies :)

Fisher and Elizabeth, Week 3

We missed our weekly photo last week, but not this week!! When they were two weeks old (a week and a half ago), Elizabeth weighed in at 9 lbs and Fisher was 6.7 lbs. He's trying to catch up! It was so funny while we were taking their pictures-one would be crying and then the other would start to sympathy cry. Too cute!

Elizabeth all bright eyed

how Fisher was sleeping

doesn't look comfortable to me!

crying together! :)


This weekend, we gave in and Fisher got his first pacifier. I'm impressed that we made it 3.5 weeks without one!! I'm not big on giving them anyways, and we were advised not to give him one for a while since he had latch issues when trying to nurse.

With his latch issues now resolved, we didn't have anything keeping us from giving him one other than the fact that he really didn't seem to need one. He's hardly ever fussy and he's easily soothed by other things. This weekend, though, he was constantly rooting despite just being fed and was just plain fussy. We decided to try a pacifier. He likes it! But, he doesn't have or want one all of the time, which I'm glad for.

Hopefully he won't end up using one until he's 4 and have massive orthodontic work...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

how Daddy had me sitting while Mommy was in the shower!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Who Jumps Out of a Perfectly Good Plane??

my crazy family, that's who! Yesterday we all made the trek out to Somerville to watch my brother, sister, cousins, and Hubs go skydiving. I want to go soooo badly, but we though that Fisher should have at least one parent on the ground. Everyone said it was an incredible experience, and we had so much fun watching them. I can't wait to go one day!!

signing their lives away

Hubs getting his instructions


getting suited up

brother in laws

one last photo before he jumps

the jumpers-Caleb, Nellie, Jacob, Andrew, Callie, and Jodie

Fisher supporting Daddy

loading up

in the plane
can't back out now!
free falling!
what a rush!!

he made it!
perfect landing!