Friday, February 28, 2014

Catch Up

Napping hard at YaYa's after going all day long. He likes to insist he doesn't need a nap when we're anywhere other than at home, but I beg to differ :)

We celebrated Aunt Jodie's birthday last week. Mom made this yummy cake.

Waiting patiently at the chiropractor. When did he get do big?! All in the past week, he's started taking steps independently and giving great big open mouth kisses. He'll even stick in tongue in there if you're not careful. I reared up at dinner last week thinking about my babies growing up. I can't handle it!

Enjoying the weather at our new picnic table that Brother got as a birthday present from Gama.

Redneck lawn mowing

I made myself go through all the boys clothes-past, present, and future. This included trying on, which Fisher thinks equals me trying to kill him. I got it done, though!

About as good a picture of the two of them that I'm going to get.

Creme brule that mom made. She's killing me with these desserts!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yay For Sunshine!

We have loved this beautiful weather and have been taking full advantage of it! Tuesday, Fisher insisted on going right outside when he woke up-he didn't even want breakfast! He had the right idea!
When it got a little warmer I took Sullivan out. The boys had the best time. They were playing in the dirt, and then I got out the water. As you can see, clothes were quickly shed because they were soaked!!

Sullivan really enjoyed trying to eat the dirt!

Fisher wanted to take his clothes off because they were wet, bit told me he wanted to keep his boots on. He loves his monster truck boots that Uncle Jacob and Aunt Brette got him for Christmas!

His imagination has been working overtime! He said his scoop and dump truck were "working hard".

This boy is such a mess!

And some night time play :)

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More Randoms

He is loving smoothies right now!

Playing outside in the flurries

Snow dance :)

Our Valentine' Day: we went to Costco, got takeout, had Muddy's cupcakes (thanks YaYa!), and I got flowers from my boys. I was a zombie most of the day because I had worked the night before and had to stay up with the boys, but it was still a good day. Fishy looked rally cute, but he's not currently interested in taking pictures. :(

The boys got cards from Gama, but only one felt like letting me take his picture. Sigh.

Sully has found his tongue! I'll stick mine out at him, and he will stick his out at me.

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We celebrated one of my sweet friend's new baby boy a few weeks ago.

Here's the reversible jon jon I made him :)

Water bead play

Date night to see "Wicked"

Bring silly with my boys

He's a mess

Loving on each other

He loves some corn!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow Day Pictures

More pictures from our snow day!

he couldn't pick anything up because of his mittens, so he just used his teeth :)

pretty girl Duchess loved the snow!

my two favorite boys!