Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baker is 10 Months Old!

he was so very happy about getting his picture taken ha

* Baker weighs about 17.5 pounds.
* He wears size 6-9 month clothes, and he wears one size cloth diapers and size 3/4 disposable diapers. 
*He's now a great napper! He will take 1-3 naps a day, and it's been so nice to (mostly) get him to nap at the same time the big boys do in the afternoon. He naps in his pack and play. 
*Night time sleep is a completely different story. He doesn't sleep well at night. He wakes up 2-5 times a night. It's gotten slightly better in the past week, so I'm hoping and praying that we'll get back to a better sleep schedule!
* He's a great nurser and he loves it!

*He is rotten to the core. He is so spoiled by me! He fusses as soon as he sees me and generally doesn't want anyone else to do anything with him .
 *He's taking a bottle like a champ now! He'll take anywhere from 4-7 ounces at a time while I'm gone. He does start crying and fussing as soon as he sees me when I come home, though. 
*He loves to clap! He really enjoys it when I do "pat a cake"
*He waves bye, but he face his palm inward to wave at himself-so cute!*He drinks water out of his sippy cup like a champ!
 *His eyes go back and forth from being blue/gray to more of a green/hazel. *He's our little ginger, which I just love! My strawberry blond baby. 
*Food:he loves pears right now! And beans.
 *He is crawling everywhere! He also pulls up on everything he can and he'll also take a few steps around an object (like the table) while holding on to it.
*He has 6 teeth! 4 on top and 2 on bottom. 
*He loves to play with any toys that the bigger boys bring him.
*He says "mama", "dada", and "byebye", although his "byebye" is said with more of a d sound. 
*He is ticklish! He laughs so hard when I tickle him! I love seeing the dimple on his cheek pop out when he is smiling big.
*He is so rotten! He loves to be held and lets you know (very loudly) that he doesn't like it when he gets put down. 
*He loves bath time! He loves to kick and splash.
* The older boys are still madly in love with him! They are always kissing on him and petting him. They want to sit right beside him all the time. it's so very sweet. 
* Nicknames: Baker Baby, Bubby, Baby, Baker Boo Bear

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fisher's 5 Year Checkup

Fisher has his 5 year old checkup on Friday. He wasn't very excited about it at all! He kept insisting "I'm growing. I don't need a checkup!". But, he did great! He weighed 35 pounds, which is in the 10th percentile for weight, and is 3 feet 5 and 1/4 inches tall, which is in the 25th percentile. He had a wonderful checkup, and only cried a little bit when he got his shots. But, then we had a cupcake, so it was worth it!!

he's finally decided that getting weighed isn't so bad

getting his blood pressure taken 

TB skin test. He didn't even flinch!

finger prick

getting in the toy cabinet after getting his shots

Muddy's makes having to get shots a little better!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Fisher is 5!

Fisher tuned 5 a few weeks ago! I will admit, I cried about it several times. I always love every single age that my boys are, but that doesn't stop me from mourning the stage that's passed. We had a wonderful time on his birthday! He has been so very excited about turning 5. We made a countdown the week before, and he wanted to cross a day off every morning. 

One last rock and snuggle before going to bed as a 4 year old for the last time

He's 5!

birthday breakfast of donuts


cutie patootie on the go!

he loves jumping 

so does Sullivan

4 out of 5 cousins in the pool

after swimming, he wanted Chick fil a for lunch. 
After naps (which were much appreciated), we had Fisher's birthday party. He chose a camping adventure party, which was so much fun! We roasted smores (with a heat index of 115), and ate campfire food! He had so much fun at his party!
one more "I'm 5" picture in his birthday shirt. He looks so big here, but he's still my small guy! 

I kept the decor simple. I borrowed most of it from one of my good friends.

on the food table 

smore cupcakes made by Aunt Jodie!

we had hot dogs and brats, corn on the cob, baked beans, fruit, and yogurt

he loved his cupcake!

I took a burlap banner and added "Camp Fisher" on it with washi tape. The tape will peel off and I can reuse the banner!

three of my favorite boys roasting their marshmallows 


reading one of his cards

family picture-as good as it gets these days!

opening his present from Gama 

the remote control Thomas he asked about for months 

We are so very blessed to call Fisher ours! I can't believe my oldest is 5! He's stubborn and strong willed (family trait!), and is not a fan of doing things that he doesn't want to do. He loves having long hair, and refuses to cut it (which I don't mind at all). He's my only blue eyed boy, although he likes to tell me his eyes are turning green, because "blue and yellow make green, and my eyes are turning green". He's still a great napper (thank you, Jesus), and wakes up ridiculously early ("I'm an early bird, Mommy"). He still sucks his thumb and has to have his giraffe lullies.

He loves to snuggle with me, and he's great at playing independently. He loves to "read" and be read to, and he has a wonderful imagination! He says Asher and Sullivan are his best friends, and they play so well together (sometimes!). He loves being outside, but would sit in front if the TV all day if I would let him. He's constantly learning, and loves to tell me facts about things that I had no idea he knew anything about. Although he's not quite ready for kindergarten and won't go until next year, he's matured so much in the past year. He loves his brothers, but he and Sullivan fight like crazy. As much as he tries my patience most days, he's quick to forgive when I get mad.

I can't imagine life without Fisher! These past 5 years have flown by, and I can't wait to watch him grow and see how God will use him in the coming years. We love you big!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Boys, Birthdays, and Splash Park Fun

Playing catch up again! 

The boys in the matching outfits I made (well, I made the shirts to match the shorts) one Sunday morning before church. 

Bless it, little baby boy did not want to stand up and get his picture taken. 

we celebrated Memaw's 86th birthday last week. We love this special lady!

This baby loves baked beans!

Happy Father's Day! We had baby dedication at church-all the boys were snotty, so we did dedication and then left ha.

Winking ;)

Splash park fun with our cousins!

Lunch at Taco Bell-we thought it was time for a free taco, but we were too early. But by the time you've unloaded all the boys out of the car, you're going to eat there whether it's free or not!

Then free ice cream for dessert!