Monday, July 10, 2017

Beach Trip, Part 3

We love celebrating the Fourth of July at the beach! We grill out and we love to sit on the beach and watch fireworks. This year, poor B decided that he didn't like all the noise that came with the fireworks. I tried multiple times to take him outside, and he would just cry and say "side, side" (inside). He was pitiful! Daddy stayed outside with the big boys and then we switched so I got to see the fireworks, too. 

wearing an outfit I made for Fisher when he was this age. I need to get back into sewing...

B and Pops

F told me "I'm not smiling" because he wasn't happy about having to take a picture 

Happy Fourth from the Nelsons!

F loves babies! 
The boys spent a lot of time digging in the sand and finding shells!

enjoying a little hammock time 


Daddy has a picture like this with all three boys 

he wrote his name with the shovel 

more crab hunting!

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