Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Fisher!

Fisher turned 6 (cue all the tears) in June. I can't believe that I have a six year old! We had a great day celebrating him, and he planned his entire day and celebration! We decided not to have a party this year, and instead he chose to do dinner, dessert, and fun at YaYa and Pops' house. 

We went out for a special day with Daddy the week before to celebrate Fisher's birthday because he was off work, but we were also able to celebrate all day long on his actual birthday!

a final picture with my baby as a 5 year old
Birthday morning! He woke up to balloons (he was very specific about the balloons he wanted, down to the color), and a breakfast request of cinnamon rolls. 
he's 6!

birthday candles in his cinnamon rolls 

We went to VBS in the morning, and in the afternoon we headed to YaYa's for a birthday lunch (he chose Wendy's), playtime, and a popsicle dessert.  

stair steps!

Then, Fisher was able to have a birthday surprise! Pops had been out of town for work, and flew back home on the FedEx corporate jet. YaYa was able to take the big boys to watch him fly in, and they got to explore the plane! Fisher even got to take a turn in the cockpit.
they were so excited!

That night, we had a birthday dinner of sprinkle pancakes, per request, and then Fisher opened his presents.
another birthday candle!

presents! Fisher was most excited about his watch, and he also is getting to sign up for karate lessons
The next night, we had our family celebration at YaYa's. He requested tacos for dinner, and that Aunt Jodie make his birthday cake.
present time

YaYa and Pops got him a new bike! Since he's mastered riding without training wheels, and has had his other bike for a few years, he was due for an upgrade. 

last set of candles!
He also chose to have a T Rex pinata. Y'all-I could not have chosen a more pathetic pinata. It looked much better online, I promise! But, Fisher said it was ok and they enjoyed beating it up!

Aunt Brette and Uncle Jacob got him a Snap Circuit set for his birthday, and the boys have loved it! It has been so much fun watching them build things and learn about electrical currents!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our biggest boy! He is smart and so inquisitive, and is extremely strong willed. We struggle with obedience a lot, but he has a sweet heart and loves to build, read, and explore. We are so thankful for these years with him!

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