Saturday, July 8, 2017

Six Year Checkup

We went to the doctor last week for Fisher's checkup-he was so excited about not having to get any shots! He weighed 39 lbs (10th percentile) and was 43.5 inches tall (10-25% percentile). He had a great checkup and is growing just like he should! 

Little brother had a weight check that day, too. At his 18 month visit, he had hardly gained any weight and had fallen off the growth charts. So, we had a quick checkup, and Baker has gained 3 lbs! He weighed in at 22.9 lbs and is back on the charts. He's only in the 5th percentile, but he's growing! He eats all the time and is super active, so I think he's just going to be on the smaller side, which all of the boys are.

he was so mad, he wouldn't even look at the camera

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